Data Science & Analytics

With massive volumes of data being amassed from devices, transactions and people, organizations that are able to find patterns, unlock insights and as an extension, enhance performance are emerging as the undoubted victors. At First Tech, we help you interpret your data, make inferences and implement recommendations involving operations, performance, customers and the market. Our expert practitioners work closely with you to convert data into a business opportunity and ensure comprehensive benefits for you and your clients. We facilitate sharper decision-making based on trends and quantifiable, data-driven evidence and assist you to understand the complex and evolving business world. Collaborating with us makes diving into your unstructured data manageable.

Data Inspection

We filter out the irrelevant data and help you get to the actionable insights that will make your business grow faster.

Data Model Development

We develop data models that predict future trends in customer behaviour and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Solution Implementation

Using our proven data science methodologies, we assist you in harnessing the maximum value for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

With its increasing profound impact on business, artificial intelligence (AI) has been reckoned as a disruptive and transformative technology that organizations cannot ignore. Companies that recognize AI as an extension of human capabilities, not a replacement, are winning big time. At First Tech, our technology experts push you to reimagine what’s possible and help you rewire operations and decision-making to extract the maximum benefit. We believe that to truly create impact, it is not just about investing in technology. With our big picture approach, we work with you to invest in your people and processes to reach your full potential and scale with AI. Our AI consultants specialize in targeting large value pools and finding capability gaps to drive company-wide success.

We deliver AI solutions that provide a platform for data science teams to efficiently build, train, manage, and deploy machine learning (ML) models using techniques such as model reproducibility, secure collaboration etc.

We develop AI-powered chatbots for business applications that can interpret a user’s intent, automate processes, and deliver responses via voice and text commands.

Enterprise Automation

“Transform enterprise adopting best practices with automated process”


Master Data Managment




Database Technologies


Enterprise Mobility


Fusion Oracle

Oracle Technologies

“Fussion middleware in execution”

ORACLE Fusion Middleware


ORACLE Application Frameworks(OAF)


Applcation Development Frameworks(ADF)


Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)

Oracle Data base








Data Guard & Golden Gate



Big Data

Our feet-on-the-ground big data practitioners help you translate the overwhelming and complex into the practical and achievable with our Big Data analytics services. With a strong in-house competence in implementing big data, we are adept at exploiting the volume, velocity, variety and veracity of information to bring out the next wave of performance improvement. As a leading Big Data solution company, we empower you to leverage big data and unlock strategic value by taking full advantage of your data assets.

Data lake implementation

We provide services to update data from legacy databases and applications to modern data platforms to enable the implementation of analytics. We also help build accessible high quality data for teams to leverage with our data implementation services.

  • Data Integration Services
  • Data Management
  • Data Modelling
  • Custom Development (Hadoop)
Big Data Managed Service

We enable intelligent AI-driven data management of scalable, hybrid data to improve business performance and functionality.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Firsttech’s business advisory and consulting team identifies actionable strategy, process design, integration to execution across business sectors.

  • Data Strategy and Roadmap
  • Design and Architect Services
  • Develop POCs for Tech/Tool Choices
Big Data Migration Services

We provide enterprise-grade cloud-ready migration services on multiple platforms that are reliable, secure and fast.

  • EDW to Data Lake Migration (Hadoop)
  • EDW to Data Lake (Cloud Storage)
  • On Prem Hadoop to Cloud Migration
Cloud Application Services

We enable application development, testing and deployment, security management services, traditional and open source databases, and cloud-native services.

  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Transformations
  • On Prem Hadoop to Cloud Migration
Teams on Demand (Big Data Support Services)

We provide dynamic technical support at various levels to various data management and implementation functionalities.

  • Level 1 to Level 3 Tech Support
  • Data Lake Management
  • EDW and DBA Services

Sap Technolgies

“Improve performance with HANA”


System optimization HW sizing & design system


landscape designing upgrade assessment system


Security & technical audit SAP system installations RUN


SAP standards implementation TDMS


SCHARM implementation MOPZ configurations RCA analysis


Project management service/helpdesk E2E configuration

Mobile Applications

We deliver solutions that prepare you to seize the opportunities that mobility presents. Our experts are focused on working together with your team to achieve breakthrough growth in the rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem. Combining our deep expertise and cross-industry mobility experience, we are able to design, build, test and implement leading-edge solutions. We enable you to quickly launch and scale high-value mobility services.

Application and Platform Upgrades and Migrations

At Firsttech, we strive to deliver the expertise needed to modernize and re-engineer businesses. We provide rapid and seamless Upgrade and Migration services focused on minimizing downtime and maximizing business benefits.

Application Development and Deployment

Our main focus, at Firsttech, is to extend robust strategic planning. We provide high quality mobile applications for every category, having worked with diverse brands, organizations, start-ups and individuals to create powerful apps.

Integration Services

We facilitate automated data interchange between two applications, connecting isolated applications and/or data sources to an existing integrated environment. Our team of specialists provide ad hoc integration services that are flexible and scalable for all forms of solutions.

Application Support and Maintenance

We help businesses forward-port apps as per OS upgrades, change requests and enhancements. Our team provides support and maintenance services through our new-age processes.

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